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providing bespoke surveying, mapping, and inspection solutions crafted to meet the unique demands of the solar energy industry.

Improving Solar Energy with Advanced Drone Technology

In the fast-evolving world of renewable energy, Airframe Media is pioneering the integration of advanced drone technology to revolutionize solar energy projects. Our bespoke drone services are designed to maximize the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of solar installations. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge drones, we offer unparalleled insights into the health and performance of solar panels and farms. Our services not only streamline solar inspections and surveys but also bring a new level of precision to solar energy management, making us leaders in solar drone services.

Our goal is to facilitate the transition to modern, sustainable, and eco-friendly energy solutions, ensuring their development, implementation, and maintenance for future generations.

What we do

Comprehensive Drone Solutions for the Solar Sector

Aerial Solar Inspections

We are able to conduct thorough aerial inspections of solar panels and farms, utilizing high-resolution imagery. These inspections are pivotal in identifying any defects, damage, or inefficiencies that could impede the performance of solar installations. Our approach ensures that solar energy providers can maintain optimal operation, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the lifespan of their solar assets.

Site Surveys and Mapping

Our drone technology plays a critical role in conducting comprehensive site surveys and mapping for planning new solar installations or expansions. By providing accurate topographical data and detailed site analysis, we empower solar energy providers with the information needed to make informed decisions about site selection, design, and infrastructure placement.

Progress Monitoring

With regular drone flights, we offer meticulous progress monitoring of solar farm constructions or expansions. Our timely reports help stakeholders keep projects on track, adhere to timelines, and preemptively address potential issues. This proactive monitoring is essential for managing resources efficiently and ensuring project success from start to finish.

Thermal Imaging Analysis

Leveraging specialized thermal imaging, we identify and analyze anomalies in solar panels that may indicate potential failures or efficiency issues. This advanced analysis is crucial for preemptive maintenance and optimizing the energy output of solar installations.

Why Choose Airframe Media for Your Solar Drone Needs?


Expertise and Certification

We are certified operators skilled in the latest drone tech always ensuring safe, compliant operations under UK legislation, setting industry standards.


Cost-Effective and Time-Saving Solutions

Efficient drone technology reduces resources and costs, significantly streamlining project timelines for faster, more effective decision-making.

Drone inspection Survey

Enhanced Safety and Comprehensive Data Analysis

Minimizes personnel risks with remote inspections and delivers detailed insights for optimized solar asset management and decision-making.

We're making an impact in these renewable energy industries

Airframe Media innovates in renewable energy, enhancing solar, wind, and wave projects with advanced drone technology. Our services boost efficiency and sustainability, driving forward clean energy solutions and supporting global environmental stewardship for a greener future.

We Complete Every Step Carefully

Four-Step Process for Precision Drone Operations: Planning, Compliance, Coordination, and Execution


Pre-Operation Planning and Risk Assessment

We conduct detailed planning, risk assessments, and prepare flight paths to ensure safety and optimize equipment for survey or inspection needs.


Regulatory Compliance and Permissions

We adhere to all drone legislation, securing necessary permissions and airspace authorizations, ensuring every operation complies with CAA guidelines and UK law.


Coordination and Communication

Prior to flight, we coordinate with all authorities and landowners, ensuring clarity on objectives, timelines, and safety protocols for seamless collaboration.


Execution and Data Collection

Certified pilots execute drone operations, capturing essential data with strict safety adherence, followed by analysis and insight delivery to inform client decisions.

UK-Wide Drone Services

Our operations span the breadth of the UK, from the rolling hills of Scotland to the vibrant cities of England and the rugged coastlines of Ireland. Our commitment to delivering exceptional drone services knows no bounds, ensuring nationwide coverage for a variety of projects across the United Kingdom.

Rooftop Solar Installation Completion Inspection

Rooftop Solar Installation Completion Inspection

In the heart of England, we conducted a comprehensive inspection of a newly completed rooftop solar installation. Utilizing advanced thermal imaging and high-resolution photography, our drones captured every detail, ensuring the installation met all safety and efficiency standards.

Wind Farm Marketing Video in the Midlands

Wind Farm Marketing Video in the Midlands

For a pioneering wind farm in the Midlands, Airframe Media crafted an engaging marketing video. Our drones soared above the turbines, capturing the majestic scale and operation of the wind farm, showcasing renewable energy's power and potential.

Rooftop Solar Installation Inspection in Scotland

Rooftop Solar Installation Inspection in Scotland

In Scotland's dynamic landscape, we performed a meticulous inspection of a rooftop solar installation. Our drones analyzed the panels' condition and performance, providing invaluable insights for optimal energy production and maintenance planning.

Rooftop Solar Installation Inspection in Ireland

Rooftop Solar Installation Inspection in Ireland

Over the emerald expanses of Ireland, we inspected another rooftop solar installation. Our detailed thermal imaging identified potential inefficiencies, empowering the client with data to enhance the installation's productivity and longevity.

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