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Surveys and Inspections

Airframe Media delivers accurate drone surveys and inspections across the UK, providing high-resolution data for informed decision-making in various sectors.

Drone Servey Services

Drone Roof Surveys

We provide drone survey services tailored for the roofing industry, providing detailed roof surveys quickly and safely. Our advanced drones capture high-resolution images, identifying issues like damage or wear without the need for manual inspections. This approach minimizes risk, saves time, and supports informed decision-making for repairs and maintenance.

With fast delivery of accurate data, roofing professionals can efficiently plan and execute projects, ensuring client satisfaction. Our experienced pilots operate with a focus on safety and compliance, making our drone surveys a reliable solution for roofing needs.

Choose Airframe Media for straightforward, effective drone surveys that enhance your roofing projects.

Our Drone Survey Services

  • Land and Topographical Surveys: Capture detailed land topography for planning and development projects. Ideal for construction, agriculture, and environmental management.
  • Building and Infrastructure Inspections: Assess the condition of buildings and infrastructure without the need for scaffolding or work at height, reducing risk and cost.
  • Environmental and Conservation Studies: Monitor wildlife habitats, track environmental changes, and support conservation efforts with minimal disturbance.

Why Airframe Media?

  • Expertise Across the UK: Serving England, Scotland, and Ireland, we provide nationwide coverage with local knowledge and expertise.
  • Precision and Efficiency: Our state-of-the-art drones and experienced pilots ensure high-quality data collection, maximizing project efficiency.
  • Safety and Compliance: Adhering to the highest safety standards and regulatory compliance, we ensure all operations are carried out responsibly.

A Cost-Effective, Safe, and Efficient Alternative

In today’s regulatory landscape, UK guidelines mandate the use of scaffolding for roof and high-level inspections, significantly increasing the complexity, cost, and time required for such operations. This is where Airframe Media’s drone survey and inspection services present a compelling alternative. Our cutting-edge aerial drone technology offers a solution that is not only in compliance with safety standards but also surpasses traditional methods in efficiency and affordability.

Traditional scaffolding setups come with a hefty price tag, not to mention the logistical challenges and potential for delays. Our drone services eliminate these concerns, providing detailed inspections at a fraction of the cost. By minimizing the need for physical infrastructure, we offer a budget-friendly option that delivers comprehensive data without compromising quality.

Safety is paramount in any inspection process. Drones significantly reduce the risk associated with working at heights, as they negate the need for personnel to physically access dangerous or hard-to-reach areas. This remote capability ensures inspections are conducted safely, aligning with our commitment to protect both our clients and our team.

Time is of the essence in inspection projects, and scaffolding erection and dismantling can add significant delays. Drones, on the other hand, can be deployed quickly and cover extensive areas in a short period, providing real-time data that accelerates decision-making processes. This rapid deployment and data collection capability means projects can proceed without unnecessary interruptions, keeping timelines on track.

By choosing us for your inspection needs, you’re opting for a service that prioritizes your safety, budget, and time. Our drone technology is tailored to navigate the complexities of modern regulatory requirements, offering a smarter, more efficient approach to aerial inspections across the UK.

Lets Lift-Off Your Next Project

Ready to redefine how you approach inspections? At Airframe Media, we’re excited to bring our cutting-edge drone technology to your next project. With free quotations and competitive rates for our partners, choosing us for regular services means investing in efficiency, safety, and value. Contact us today and discover how we can help you soar above the rest.


Drone surveys and inspections are incredibly versatile, offering significant benefits across a range of sectors including construction, real estate, roofing, environmental studies, and infrastructure maintenance. By providing detailed aerial imagery and data, drones are perfect for any project requiring accurate inspection or survey data from hard-to-access or large-scale areas.

Drone inspections are generally more cost-effective than traditional methods that require scaffolding or manned access. By eliminating the need for physical structures and reducing the time needed for data collection, drones offer a financially efficient alternative without compromising on the quality or thoroughness of the inspection.

Absolutely. Safety and compliance are our top priorities at Airframe Media. All our drone operations are conducted in strict adherence to UK regulations, ensuring that our flights are safe, legal, and minimally invasive. Our certified pilots are trained to execute missions with utmost care, ensuring no risk to property or people.

One of the advantages of drone technology is the rapid turnaround time for data delivery. Depending on the project’s scale, data can often be reviewed on the same day as the flight. Our team works diligently to process and deliver high-quality, actionable insights shortly after the completion of the flight, ensuring that you can move forward with your project decisions without delay.

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